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Looking for reliable and modern development?
Planning migration to cloud but don't know where to start?
Does your infrastructure deserve modernization?
Or you just need G Suite?
Then you're on the right address!

We'll take care of the development of your project from scratch, its modernization or its migration to Google Cloud. Or, we'll provide you with agile workshop or G Suite. There is a lot of things that we do. Check our Services to choose the right one for you!

Our services
01 Mobile & Web app development
Mobile app and website for the biggest football talk show in the Netherlands Veronica Inside
Veronica Inside application screens
02 Mobile app development
Native app helping millions to keep up with the latest news
Project details
Mobile app for news platform Project details
03 Platform development
Platform for streaming, analysis and management of sport videos Panoris - Basic Analysis Tool
Panoris platform preview

Our clients, whom we can't say more about

sorry... NDA.

Cloud-native solutions
& migration to cloud

We'll help you with the migration of your project to Cloud. We're experts on the whole process of migration - the initial shift and also the following integration and optimization. The result of these three steps is a real cloud-native infrastructure.

Why cloud?

Our motto is...

code smart
play hard

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We're developers → we believe in cutting-edge tech and quality work, but we also know how to relax. We're building a community, speaking at conferences and mainly → we're a good team.

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