Crafting visions into reality

Our commitment to excellence ensures each solution is not just developed but crafted to latest industry standards. Using cutting-edge technologies & agile approach we deliver future proof solutions.

Our services? Web app development, cloud & on-premise solutions.

Software development

We develop modern web applications in the Cloud. Thanks to the agile approach, you're constantly informed about the progress of the project and you're also able to change its priorities. Learn more about our team and how we approach software development in the link below.

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Cloud services

Cloud is safe, modern and automated and we're experts on it. We'll develop, migrate or optimize your project exactly according to your preferences. That means your data will be safe, you'll pay only the computing power that you really use and your system will be approachable from all over the world.

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Google Workspace

Looking for a suitable environment for your company communication and optimization of the processes? Discover Google Workspace with us! We'll take care of the whole process of transfer and migration of your domain. Thanks to Google Workspace, you’ll have the tools for your company communication, planning, storage and management of your documents.

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Consulting & trainings

We provide consultations, workshops or trainings in the fields of web development & performance, agile development, cloud services or Google Workspace.

skilled professionals

Certified by Google

We're an official Google Cloud Partner since 2019

Our values

Why FlowUp?

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Emphasizing quality ensures that every aspect of development, from the initial design to the final implementation, adheres to the highest standards. Our creations aim to be reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. We create production ready products that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

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Innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. With culture of creativity and experimentation, we can develop unique solutions that leverage the latest technologies and trends. Commitment to innovation ensures that we and our clients remain at the forefront of the digital age. Leading the digital frontier with bold ideas and cutting edge technologies.

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Viewing relationships with clients as partnerships creates a deeper level of collaboration and trust. We value open communication and working closely with clients as partners, that allows us to follow delivery process that is more effective and personalized. With a foundation built on mutual respect and shared vision, we transform ordinary engagements into extraordinary journeys of success, together.

Transparency, expertise
& agility

We're experts on what we do, and we're business partner you can rely on. We'll stay with your project from its first line of code to its launch. We don't fear maintenance nor handover or team training. You are deciding the future of the project, not your vendor.

Agile approach

We prefer continuous contact with the customer and working in the short intervals with regular reviews. That means you always know what's currently happening on the project, and you're also able to change the priorities of its progress.

In-depth expertise

We are experts on web development using Angular. We're the certified Google Cloud Partner. So far, we've presented our experience at more than 80 tech events, plus we are deeply involved in tech community.

Tech stack

We believe in
innovative technology

Our technologies are effective, reliable, sustainable and modern. We'll provide you with our in-depth expertise for them and recommend you the best tech choices for your project.

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