Panoris App: Platform for streaming, analysis and management of sport videos

Football coaches on home office

Times change. More and more professions are switching to at least a partial home office regime. But what about such football coaches? Will they be able to afford it too? The physical presence on the field can't be fully replaced. Outside their workplace, however, they can watch matches in which they do not participate themselves, and mark the moments they want to show to their players later. Coaches can do this from home, from the locker room, but even from a cafe. The place doesn't matter. But only when they use Panoris App.

Platform for both team and fans

The project aimed to create a platform where football enthusiasts can share important moments of the match. Specifically, it was a matter of creating a website that processes recordings and live broadcasts of matches. Users can play these records and at the same time tag individual moments. Based on these simple tags, the system also creates clips. These can be, for example, penalty kicks, goals, but anything else that interests the user. Clips can then be sorted into playlists and shared with others. It is very easy for a coach to create, for example, a playlist with frequent mistakes of each of their players, or a playlist of well-managed game situations.

Fans of the team can create a database of the best goals of their favorite. All clips and playlists are private by default, so they are only visible to the person who created them. However, all of the users can decide whether they want to share their clips with their teammates or friends. Of course, you will also find an electronic pencil function on the web, thanks to which everyone can draw directly into the video.

On each of the fields, the platform is connected to the network of cameras and intelligent system of automatic cameraman Panoris Recorder. In addition to sports analysis, the system is also able to provide fans with a live match experience.

Technological recipe

Take the Angular front-end framework, the Golang back-end framework as a basis, and connect everything via MongoDB. Spice up the WebSockets and NgRx, and add the AWS mix, which consists of S3 bucket, Cloudfront, Step and Lambda functions, an API gateway, while stirring constantly. Let the resulting mass be baked with the help of the development team and serve cold.

Can you feel the flow?

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