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Immediate and organized results from over than 35 sports fields with maximum emphasis on speed of their delivery. That’s Livesport - and there is a very few people nowadays that have never heard about this company’s name. We’re happy to say that it’s been our pleasure to cooperate on the Livesport web application during the past year - and in this case study, you can read about how has this cooperation been going so far. 

Initial refactor and monolite decomposition

At the beginning, we were called in to help with the Node.js back-end part of the app. At first, we performed a complete refactor of the older parts of the code, which means we re-wrote and modernized the code to match the current technological rules and requirements. Also, as the product was a monolithic (one massive) unit, during the refactor, we split it into three smaller microservices - user part, Apple login and internal service. 

Internal environment orientation

To achieve maximum security and speed of the system, Livesport development team decided to use minimum number of external libraries and packages on the project. Everything they can, they create themselves and they’ve got their own internal library for almost everything. Well, there was no other option left for us than to familiarize ourselves with all of the tools and to learn to work with them effectively.

The following development of the application

Once the initial refactor was done, we could start developing the new parts of the system. Among them, for example, the terms of use and personal data protection policy service for all of the Livesport sports webs and applications and their over 200 language mutations. This service, specifically, serves the terms of the particular country and location, collects user consents according to the new legislation, generates legal documents including electronic signatures and more. The key requirements here were to secure a quality connection between the historical user consent database and the new one and also fluently migrate the user data into the new structure.

One hundred percent tested

We are testing everything on the project. Having all of the features fully tested is one most strict requirements of the project and it’s nothing to be surprised about. Livesport web and mobile applications can boast of 100 million unique users per month and when speaking about numbers like this, any dysfunctions or even outages are simply unacceptable. 

Mixed agile team

The way we work together is our favorite one - as it’s agile, in Scrum, with two-week sprints starting with plannings and finishing with reviews and retrospectives. What’s even better is that half of the development team is from FlowUp and the other half from Livesport, which gives us the advantage of very smooth and fast information exchange and communication.

The game continues! 

When we have a look into the future of this cooperation, there is much more to see. To name some features already defined in our roadmap for upcoming months, there is, for example, a marketing service development or a rewrite of the logic of work with favorite teams, leagues and matches.  And us? We’re looking forward to what’s ahead of us.  And we thank Livesport for such a nice approach and cooperation.

We’ve already cooperated on several projects with FlowUp so far and during that time, their team has shown us that they can handle very diverse tasks, that they are not afraid of new things and that they are capable of quick reactions to our requirements and also able adapt to the new situations appearing during the cooperation. Furthermore, I appreciate the reliability of the team and the standard of the final solution delivered. This helps us fundamentally with planning new functionalities and further projects.

Petr JašaPetr JašaFull Stack Developer | Livesport s. r. o.

Meanwhile in FlowUp...

I’d certainly mention that from our side, we are happy in this cooperation as well. Our teamwork and communication flow are just great with Livesport. And if I should highlight something, it’s definitely the work of Petr Jakša, who operates as a developer/Product Owner on the project and who also, among others, takes care of the definition of the tasks. They are always defined so well! But as I said, there simply isn’t any problem with this cooperation at all.

Foto Vojty HromádkyVojtěch HromádkaBack-end engineer | FlowUp, s.r.o.

Can you feel the flow?

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