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Development of Cloud-native applications, migration to Cloud, integration or optimization of your solution. That's what we are the best choice for.


Cloud services by flowup

Thanks to our highly qualified team and Cloud technologies, we build sustainable and modern Cloud solutions. Check out our offer or contact us directly regardingyour project. We literally know everything about the Cloud. We are the Google Cloud Partner.

Cloud development
  • Cloud-native software development
  • building the architectures
  • using already existing functions
  • agile development
  • innovative technologies
  • NoOps (focus on your app, not on the infrastructure)
  • long-term partnership
  • more about software development
Migration to Cloud
  • migrating workloads to Cloud
  • integration and optimization of the projects
  • automation and scaling (Kubernetes)
  • Cloud costs optimization
  • fully-managed infrastructures
  • infrastructure observability
  • Cloud-native solutions
  • NoOps approach
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Workshops & training
  • security in Cloud
  • Cloud-native architectures
  • continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD)
  • using data for Business Intelligence
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • monitoring of Cloud services
  • containers & Kubernetes
  • multi-Cloud & hybrid-Cloud
  • NoOps approach
  • more about trainings

Why to choose us?

1. Our experts lecture all around the world

Our expertise for the technologies we use is massive. We organize events for the tech community and we present and speak up all around the world - in the years 2019-2020 for example in Tokyo, Dubai, Linz or Prague.

Angular & performance

Our biggest expertise lays in Angular. We work with this framework since its alpha version and using it, we can manage almost everything - except of the miracles. Our team is constantly improving in it under the leadership of our Angular world expert Vojto Mašek.

Performance optimization in Angular

In the past few years, a big part of our focus has been spent on the performance optimization of large Angular projects. And when we say large, we mean millions of lines of code.

DSC 2434

Cloud & digitalization

If possible, we build our projects in the Cloud. We're an official Google Cloud Partner since 2019, but we've got extensice experience in AWS and Azure as well.

Using Cloud brings several non-negligible advantages with itself. There are plenty of existing development tools and integrations available, you've got amazing possibilities of effective scaling and it's modernized constantly.

In the world of the Cloud, we also provide companies with our assistance with Google Workspace and our Gmail signatures bulk management tool Signatures.


2. We believe in the long-term cooperation

The pillars of our company are quality, innovation, and partnership - both in the team and in business. It will be our pleasure to become your long-term business partner and technological background.

3. We are an official Google Cloud Partner

What does that mean?

  • that means we're officially certified by Google to provide assistance and support for the Google products like Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace, and others

  • that we are the ones to choose as your partner for migration to Cloud, Google Workspace or cloud-native software development

  • that we can actually make you profit from using Google Cloud - by using its tools itself or for example gaining some extra GCP credits

We are the official Google Cloud Partner.
We are the official Google Cloud Partner.

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Project details
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The FlowUp team has proven to us that they can both design and implement an efficient and reliable solution — even for such a specific project as ours. They very openly communicated all the viable options to us, while also listening closely to our needs. I was quite fascinated by their curiosity and desire to understand the nature of the project. At the same time, I felt that the project was a challenge to them. A technological, implementational, and organizational challenge that they have mastered from all these perspectives to our full satisfaction.

Ondřej ŠimáčekOndřej ŠimáčekHead of Technical Department | ÚRS CZ a.s.

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