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About Safetica

Safetica is a Czech company developing their own Data Loss Prevention solution. Nowadays, Safetica is able to prevent security incidents, detect potential risks, and protect various kinds of data for companies all around the world.

The cooperation

Safetica approached us when they were deciding how they could modernize their product tech stack. They were deciding on a front-end framework and our expertise with Angular got them interested. We agreed on workshops with the team. In a few sessions, we went through theory and use cases, and quickly got to practice. As they already used C#, TypeScript felt very familiar for them, and they liked the Angular way of doing things, too. This began our cooperation where we kicked off their project and started coaching the team.

We helped them with setting up their front-end web app and guided their development team through learning the Angular framework. We were most heavily involved in the initial stages of development, providing them with our expertise in the form of an initial workshop, code reviews, technical consultations, and various code contributions.


As a result of our help, the Safetica team has been successful in building and shipping their app, without needing so many direct contributions from our side over time. We still provide consultations and reviews when needed, though. For example, we gave them a presentation on how to approach unit tests in Angular. And when they decided to scale up to two apps, we were able to share our experiences with using an Nx monorepo and recommend best practices regarding maintainability.

FlowUp's team is full of professionals that expertly create a healthy balance between technology and business needs. They earned our trust very quickly, which is important for this kind of debate. We appreciate their directness, openness, flexibility and ability to understand problems from our point of view. Moreover, they truly live and breathe Angular and technology in general, and so are able to take both recent and upcoming technological developments into account, which is awesome.

Zbyňa SafeticaZbyněk SopuchChief Technology Officer | Safetica

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