How we made Google Workspace less tricky for TRiGY

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Data loss prevention

From time to time, sadly, an employee or two leaves your company. Except for emotion, also data created by these people play an important role at these moments. Why is it so? Because certainly, it already happened to you that an employee left your company and the data he or she created during his job suddenly went lost.

However, these unfortunate situations can be fixed - at least in Google Workspace (G Suite). And what's even better, you can prevent them. Data loss prevention in cases of the termination of cooperation with an employee was the topic of the training we organized for a Brno-based company called TRiGY.

During the training attended by their Google Workspace administrator, we advised TRiGY, how to carefully remove users from their company Workspace without losing any data.

We trained TRiGY to be able to:

  • move already received e-mails from Gmail box of the former employee to any other's mailbox

  • redirect e-mails that will be sent to this employee's work e-mail address in the future to any other e-mail address

  • move employee's Google Drive data to someone else's Drive

  • subsequently delete the user without any worries.

Thanks to this less than hour-long briefing, the customer followingly removed his former employees from their company Workspace without any trouble and with 100 % of their tada secured.

Moreover, the training was a part of the one-hour free consultation budget that our Google Workspace customers get as a bonus from us - so it was completely for free.

It seems that contacting FlowUp regarding Google Workspace was just the right decision. The migration happened immediately and as a bonus, we got one-hour training for free. We chose to get trained in Workspace administration, thanks to which we can now effectively prevent loss of our data, which is great. The basics of Workspace are easy, but FlowUp understands it in depth, thanks to which the training was fast, effective, but comprehensible. I can definitely recommend FlowUp. :)

marektrigyMarek RoubíčekChief Executive Officer | TRiGY

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