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Aka what is Google Workspace, anyway?

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More and more companies are using the smart package of thirteen applications offered by Google in the form of Google Workspace. Not surprisingly, their reliability, high level of security, and availability from anywhere make teamwork easier and faster. Haven't heard of Google Workspace yet? Or are you hesitant if subscribing to cloud services and office applications is something your business needs? It's never too late to make your work more efficient, so we've put together the essentials you need to know about Google Workspace.

UPDATE 6/10/2020: G Suite changes to Google Workspace. All Google apps will have improved functions and a new design. The new interface will start working in January 2021, but you don't have to worry about fundamental changes. Find more info here

14 years of facilitating communication within teams

The Google Workspace subscription has been available since 2006. You may know it by other designations, such as Gmail and Drive for businesses, Google Suite, or Google Apps, as the service was called until October 2016. Google Workspace associates all well-known Google applications, such as Gmail, Drive, Documents, Calendar or Meet. With these tools, which are available in Czech, you can send e-mails, create, store and share documents, schedule calendar events, keep contacts, conduct video conferences and perform many other tasks that you are used to at work.

From freelancers to the large businesses

Large corporations, medium-sized companies, small start-ups, or individuals. In short, everyone who performs basic office work, stores their data, and communicates with other colleagues will praise Google Workspace. Employees will especially appreciate popular Gmail and Google Drive Cloud storage, while company owners will like they don't have to install or update anything. Besides, the service is operated in large data centers, so there is no need to invest in servers.

Work faster and smarter with the Cloud

Once you learn how to use Google Workspace apps, the productivity of the entire team will go up. Because the service is cloud-driven, it offers all the benefits of a cloud-based solution. You can collaborate with colleagues on files in real-time, quickly find a common space on your calendar, and hold online meetings from anywhere. You can access all your documents, as well as your corporate e-mail, which you can have in your domain, from any device, without having to worry about setting up, updating, and synchronizing data, or whether your data is safe. The Cloud is simply a future that can't be beaten by the classic work with data and files on your computer's hard drive.

Safety first

Before you ask if Google Workspace is secure, read this: Google itself uses the same security infrastructure. Your data, devices, and users are protected. It can even be argued that cloud solutions offer a higher level of security than an individual or any company alone can provide.

Payment by subscription

You can pay Google Workspace by relatively low, and importantly, fixed monthly subscription. The price depends on the services you want to use, all tariffs can be found here. If you feel a little bit lost, don't hesitate to contact us directly and we will help you with the selection.

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