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We help our customers with both building new projects and modernizing and maintanance of the existing ones. We can take care of the whole development process, cooperate on it with your development team or train your team during it.

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We develop web applications - for you & together with you

In the beginning, it's always the same - you need to develop a project. Or you're already developing it, but the process is not fast enough. Or your team lacks experience with the required technology. These are the three typical scenarios to which we respond with our three most common development approaches:

Team as a service

Not every business has it's own development team or enough experience with leading one - and that's just fine. And that's also why we're here for you.

We'll take care of

  • the full development of your project
  • effective agile process under the leadership of our Scrum Master
  • acceptance and processing your requirements or change of priorities
  • regular reporting in form of standups and other ceremonies

In other words, the development is in progress, you can take care of the business logic of the project and we take care of the technological part and, of course, keep you informed.

This way, ve delivered for example the ÚRS project.

We develop & you learn

This approach is useful especially when there already is a development team in your company, but they don't have enough experience with the chosen technologies to start developing your project immediately. However, you also don't want to or cannot hesitate with the development start anymore.

The process is the same as in the first case - with the difference that we continuously train your team during the development.

We can train your team in

  • Angular, TypeScript or other development tools
  • work with the cloud environment (GCP, AWS, Azure)
  • effective agile process

You can read more about this exact approach in our Kvasar case study.

Let's develop together

You've got an excellent development team familiar with all of the technological aspects, but you still need to make the development process faster and you don't have enough people to achieve that. On the other hand, you don't want to hire new employees, as there is a possibility that there woul'd be not enough work for them after finishing this current project.

That's fine, let's develop together! You onboard our team onto your project and in not even a month you've got as numerous reinforcements as you need. Our team works with yours as one, shares all necessary information during daily standups and other agile ceremonies and we help each other with anything needed. Our cooperation is also set purely on our agreement. So, whether you're interested also in, for example, services of our Scrum Master or QA Engineers is purely up to you (don't take us wrong, testing is a must have, but we don't have to do it ourselves :) ).

We're agile

Agile development means that we deliver small parts of the system in short intervals of time (sprints, usually 2 weeks long) while keeping the system always functional during the process. This approach is advantageous for several reasons:

  • very soon, you get the MVP (minimum viable product) that is functional and presentable to the investors or potential customers

  • the system is functional during the development, and therefore ready also for test users

  • agile development is based on short-term planning, so it enables you to change the roadmap and priorities very quickly

  • the Time & Material invoicing secures that you pay only for the work that was done + potential services that sere needed

Our expertise

Angular & performance

Our biggest expertise lays in Angular. We work with this framework since its alpha version and using it, we can manage almost everything - except of the miracles. Our team is constantly improving in it under the leadership of our Angular world expert Vojto Mašek.

Performance optimization in Angular

In the past few years, a big part of our focus has been spent on the performance optimization of large Angular projects. And when we say large, we mean millions of lines of code.

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Cloud & digitalization

If possible, we build our projects in the Cloud. We're an official Google Cloud Partner since 2019, but we've got extensice experience in AWS and Azure as well.

Using Cloud brings several non-negligible advantages with itself. There are plenty of existing development tools and integrations available, you've got amazing possibilities of effective scaling and it's modernized constantly.

In the world of the Cloud, we also provide companies with our assistance with Google Workspace and our Gmail signatures bulk management tool Signatures.


Reference & case studies

App modernization & employees training

Modernizing the human resources management system PermWeb

Project details
permweb-seo-image-ref Project details

Since its beginning, cooperation with FlowUp has been a very pleasant experience. Based on a technologically obsolete although big product, FlowUp was able to design a completely new one using the newest technologies that was also UX friendly for all the users, who were quite conservative about the old one. Apart from that, FlowUp was able to train our internal developers so they could work with the new technologies on their own. Thanks to their flexibility, approach and know-how within technologies, cooperation with FlowUp is still ongoing.

kvasar-ref-personJan PawlusProduct Lead Developer | Kvasar

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