Who are we looking for? 

Are you a team player? Do you sympathize with agile and Google technologies? Are you experienced in web development? Then it might be you we are looking for!

What are we expecting from you? 

  • perfect knowledge of HTML+CSS

  • experience in front-end development

  • very good knowledge of JavaScript

  • GIT

  • advanced English (B2 and higher)

What experience will be a bonus? 

  • TypeScript

  • Angular

  • REST/GraphQL

  • RxJS

  • state management (NgRx, Apollo, RxState)

  • agile/Scrum

  • unit testing (Jest)

What is our way of working?

  • We write quality and sustainable code. Code reviews aren’t just a meme topic for us. 

  • We develop software of different scopes (from widgets to whole corporate systems) for diverse fields (you can check our references). Once it can be an e-commerce project with emphasis on SEO, next time a “classic” information system with major focus on performance and security.

  • Usually, we operate in smaller development teams (2-10 people) on more different projects (each of us works on 1-3 projects).

  • No bodyshop. We provide our customers with complete teams, so that no one is left alone on a project.

  • Our tech stack is not strictly given. We are using a wide range of technologies and their specific choice always depends on what’s the best for a given project.

  • Most of our projects include a CI/CD setup. This way, we can keep our customers more updated and informed and prepare the project for the QA.

  • In terms of project management, for the majority of our projects we’re using agile (Scrum). You can read more about our way of working in our article.

  • While you still need to be able to attend your scheduled meetings, the rest of your working hours are flexible.


What can we offer you?

  • A young, energetic (read “not dead inside most of the time”) and loyal team that plays table football in the office, goes for lunch together or, of course, has a beer or two from time to time.

  • Support and help. Anytime, with anything. We’re not just a bunch of individuals collecting our own credits. We’re a team. And team members help each other.

  • Continuous education. Do you want to learn a new programming language? Get a certificate? Do you need to invest time in it? You have it. 

  • Personal growth. In both hard and soft skills. Do you want to learn and get better? In FlowUp, the sky is the limit.

  • An opportunity to speak at conferences and participate in building the technological community. Meetups, experience sharing and community are some of our most important values (and passions).

  • You can work completely remotely if that’s what you prefer. But we’ll be happy if you show up from time to time - at least to play some board games with us. 

  • The opportunity to explore new options. Do you hate the project you are currently working on? Or, after seven years of back-end, you’d finally like to try out something else? No problem, let’s change this.

  • Your opinion matters. Decisions about a given project are made by the whole team. 

  • Influence. You can take part in any company processes you want to. References, articles (including these words) - everything is created in close cooperation with our developers and Scrum masters.

  • Company coffee, breakfasts, or teambuildings - but these are to be expected. But what about table football (we also play a company league) or a workout corner?

What do we believe in?

  • People over processes.

  • We want to hear your opinion.

  • Do you need help? A piece of advice? Are you struggling with something? Never be afraid to ask for someone’s help.

  • Problems will always be solved. The earlier you talk about it, the easier it gets fixed. 

Who are we exactly?

  • We are a Brno-based company focusing on custom software solutions, Google services (GCP, Workspace) and consulting and training in fields of cloud services, software development and agile management.

  • We are a young collective of about twenty people (our “oldest” member is 28). We’re all different but respecting each other, which makes us a really good team. 

  • We love our work and what we aim for is shared satisfaction - on both customers’ and our sides. 

  • Besides our job we love to do sports together (bike, football, swimming, squash, climbing, …), enjoy saunas, play board games, attend gigs or simply have a beer (or two).

  • We are all one big team that pulls together. Also this is the reason we still enjoy being a part of this company so much. 

Are we on the same wavelength? Or do you miss any answer to your question?  Do not hesitate to leave us a message at hello@flowup.cz.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Team flowup

What makes us exceptional is the passion for the technologies we are using on a daily basis. And not only that, we’re also organizing the sessions such as ngBeer which is a great way to feel as a part of the community. The session is great for those who want to share their findings as well as for those who just want to learn something new that could possibly help to improve their way of working. (And free beer is, of course, always interesting.)

ondrejOndrej SvoreňFront-end developer | FlowUp, s.r.o.