Who are we looking for?

Back-end dev, who is a team player, wants to work agile, likes automation, and has experience with Go.

What technologies will you use?

  • Go

  • Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform

  • Google Cloud Platform

What the job involves:

  • contribute to a variety of projects and advance your skills every day

  • use cutting-edge technologies, challenge existing solutions, and pioneer new

  • actively learn and obtain industry-leading certifications (Kubernetes, GCP, AWS, etc.)

Company Values:

  • it's ok not to know, but not ok not to learn

  • personal status and rank are secondary to making positive change. Actions > Words

  • we share what we know, internally within the company and externally to communities

  • we love pioneering technology and value failing & learning. We challenge the status quo

  • work from home or office - wherever you feel most productive

Do you feel like we are on the same wavelength?

Then don't hesitate to contact us!

Team flowup