Exploring Advanced Lazy-Loading Strategies: Going Beyond the Angular Router

Angular Master Podcast 40 with Vojtech Mašek about Angular, founding of FlowUp and a lot more.

krista avatarKristýna ŠuráňováMarketing & Sales Manager | FlowUp

Podcast graphic featuring Vojto

No wonder our Vojto got into the Angular Master Podcast. This whole amazing thing is regularly organized by a Polish Google Developer Expert on Angular Dariusz Kalbarczyk, founder of NG Poland and JS Poland. And he was really happy about how talkative our Vojto actually is.

In the podcast, you'll learn about

  • why Vojto decided to choose Angular and how Angular actually got to him

  • the reasons why he also decided to stick to this framework

  • FlowUp, its founding, what do we focus on in the company and why

  • 🚀 Angular Router

  • 🚀 Best practices for advanced lazy-loading

  • 🚀 Optimization techniques for production-ready apps

  • 🚀 Trade-offs and future directions of lazy-loading in Angular

You can listen to it using

  • YouTube

  • Spotify

Can you feel the flow?

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