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We have great news for you. We have developed a fantastic product. Thanks to it, management of your company’s email signatures has never been easier!

Starting from this moment you will always have up-to-date signatures, measurable marketing messages in them and the option to manage signatures for the whole company in one place. All this and more is now possible thanks to Signatures.

What is Signatures?

Signatures is a web application for unified and efficient management of corporate email signatures in Google Workspace. Simply put, a dedicated administrator creates a signature template in their profile and can then send it in bulk to all Gmail accounts that belong to their corporate Google Workspace domain. Each employee can view their signature in Gmail’s settings and is able to use it immediately.

What does Signatures allow you to do?

  • Easily create and save signature templates

  • Preview the signature during the process of designing (in real-time)

  • Modify existing templates

  • Apply signatures to all employees or a subsection of employees as desired, all from one place (personal data is pulled from from the company Google Workspace profiles)

  • Easily add information from your Marketing department, e.g. latest news / new products

  • Insert links and create buttons

  • Connect the signatures to Google Analytics to measure the efficiency of your e-mail marketing

With Signatures, you no longer have to ask each of your employees to change their email signature. You simply change it once with a few clicks, and it’s there. What used to be practically impossible is now fabulously easy! 

Signatures application for G Suite in action
Signatures application for G Suite in action

Is your company already on Google Workspace?

If so, let us at it. If you set up your Google Workspace contract with us, we offer Signatures free of charge!  Seriously, those of you who are (or will become) our Google Workspace clients will receive Signatures from us free of charge. Do you already have a Google Workspace? No problem! Just move it under flowup using us as your official intermediary. It won't cost you an extra pound/euro/dollar. It is a bonus that you will receive the Signatures tool, not to mention our technical support and, above all, we will be your business partner in a long-term and profitable cooperation.

Next steps? Try Signatures for FREE!

Would you like to try Signatures for 2 months for FREE? If so, the only thing you need to do is to hit the button below and let us know!

You can also contact us using or choose whomever you prefer in the Contacts section and call and write.

Want to see exactly how Signatures works? Check out our video demo ↓ 

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