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We're developers → we believe in cutting-edge technologies and quality work but we also know how to relax.

What defines us?
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We believe in
cutting-edge technology

Quality, efficiency, speed and innovation. This is what we demand from our technologies.

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We're always

Individual growth means the whole team grows. Thanks to community activities, workshops, experience sharing and code reviews, we improve our skills every day.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

Events & community

We organize meetups, speak at conferences and generally build up a community around tech we love. Would you like to hear our speakers? Find out where we'll be next!

We're based in Brno the Czech Silicon Valley

Brno leads this country in two fields → technology and gastronomy. We cover the tech, while for gastronomical purposes we can recommend loads of great bars and restaurants, where we'll be pleased to meet up with you.

If not, we can serve your software with some hot dogs or an espresso tonic directly at our office.

Not enough for Michelin, good enough for Brno.